It is tragic to watch Mr. Manmohan Singh going down and down and down. He was the political prodigy of that wily old fox Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao, who, in my opinion is the best prime minister India ever had. 
Mr. Singh himself may be clean (I still want to believe it). But for his PM post, he has sold his soul. He is getting to be the most ineffective PM India ever had. It is a free for all in India.  Corruption has reached its pinnacle in India pratically touching every aspect of life in that country. Violence is getting unabated and response from government and its ministers is terribly weak some times even comical. Any group can cause any violence in India.
PM is behaving like a slave (of the goddess Sonia Gandhi) watching helplessly the goings on. He looks more like a head clerk than a prime minister.
I understand his daughter is one of the advisors to the president of the US president. If true, I think the poor lady must be terribly embarassed.
In the mean time it seems only God can save India.