A letter to the Kashmiri youth.

Do Kashmiris think that they don’t get their dues in the Indian Union?

What do they want from their struggle?

Do the young Kashmiris realize that their so called freedom fight is conceived, engineered and orchestrated by Pakistan solely for its selfish political gains?

Do they realize that Pakistan is fighting its war with the lives of innocent Kashmiris?

Do they understand that Pakistan is actually sacrificing scores of young Kashmiri lives only for its scoring a political point over India?

Do they understand that Pakistan is aware of the futility of its machinations but is perpetrating them only to ensure a perennial unrest in Kashmir?

Does it occur to the young Kashmiris that this Pakistani engineered unrest is actually costing them their education, livelihood, peace, happiness and well-being?

Incidentally, do Kashmiris realize that India is not exactly a single piece of state but a Union of States?  Hundreds of erstwhile “independent” states merged in to form a Union. Like the United States of America?

And vitally, do they realize that the first prime minister of India was a Kashmiri and since then only his heirs, the Kashmiri’s direct descendents, are ruling this vast nation in one form or the other?

Do they reject this fact because he does not happen to be a Muslim?

Actually this family is any thing but Hindu. Nehru himself was an atheist.

His only daughter married a Parsi. Their son married a Catholic Christian from Italy. Whose daughter married a Catholic Christian.

Do Kashmiris reject it all because none of them was a Muslim?

If so is their whole idea of Kashmir based on theocratic beliefs?

Do they realize that in an independent Kashmir all that they can expect is another Taliban expansion?

Do the young women coming on to the street misled by self-centred and money making politicians think that their freedom and dignity will be safe under these Talibans?

Do they think that they will get a decent living, respectable education, honour and well paying jobs in an independent or Pakistan controlled Kashmir?

Kashmir is a land-locked and tough terrain. The only hope for Kashmir’s economic independence is its tourism.  Do the young people think that tourism will be safe in the hands of Pakistan or Talibans?

Do these young people realize the existence of the vast Indian nation, waiting with open arms, where they can study, work, do business and reach for the sky in whichever field they choose?

Do they want a life of peace, tranquility, wealth, dignity and honour?

Or do they want a life of gun-fights, bomb-blasts, suppression of women, suppression of knowledge, destruction of meaningful education, lawlessness, injustice, honour killings and a complete lack of freedom?

Do they want IITs and IIMs or Madrassas run by Talibans?

Do they want to be doctors, engineers, managers, teachers, scientists and entrepreneurs or gun-fighters, terrorists, suicide bombers and drug-peddlers?

Do they want life in life or death in life?

Get real my friends, please.  Can you even in your wildest imagination think that Pakistan will allow you to be independent?

Kashmiris who want life, should spread this message among their brothers and sisters.

They should stop the self-serving cheats in the garb of politicians in their game and take their life in their own hands.

I live in a far corner of India. I speak a language other than Hindi. But I thank God every day that my state is a part of India. (Their are enough lunatics in my state too). I am happy that I am an Indian. When I finished my studies, I had the whole of India for my taking. I worked and earned in so many different parts of this vast land. Brothers and sisters of my state are spread over the country, as civil services officers running administration in every part of the country, as police officers protecting every Indian, as military officers protecting every section of people, as highly acclaimed artists and so on.

Open up my friends. You have a huge nation for the asking. Come. Let us be together.

It is time for you to decide whether you want to be the head of India or the tail of Pakistan, with the Talibans as bum.

To me you are very much a part of the great Union of India, the Indian nation.

With all of us together, we can proudly make a greater nation.

And trust us. We love you.