English, oh my sweet English!

For all my love of English language, which probably has the richest vocabulary for any language in the world, it can be quite tricky often as the author of “Eats, shoots and leaves” would say.  Many critics found errors in that book itself!  I for one can never be sure about the language I used despite being familiar with it for 40 years!  In this article, I will try to list the odd English expressions or what I feel to be bloomers that I come across for the sheer joy of sharing the fact that I am not alone!  

AFP report as published by “Gulf News” 11th Feb 2011:

“A German Court yesterday handed down a 21 month suspended jail sentence to the father of a teenager who shot dead 15 people before killing himself at his old school in 2009.”

Now who shot and killed 15 people?  The father or the teenager?


“Court Shrugs off Pressure to Detain US Consulate Worker”

Headline in “Gulf News” of 4th Feb 2011.

Did the Court shrug off pressure to detain the worker and released him?

No. Actually it shrugged off pressure and extended the detention of the worker for 8 more days!

Probably Gulf News wanted to say

“Court Shrugs off Pressure – To Detain US Consulate Worker”