anondo loke, mongola loke birajo sotto sundaro

by Gurudev Shri Rabindranath Tagore

Here is the lyrics in Bengali and in English.

I also give the link of the website from where I found the lyrics.

anondo loke, mongola loke birajo sotto sundaro.

mohima tabo udbhasito maha gagon majhe

bisso jagato moni bhushan besTito Charane.

Groho taroko chondro tapono byakulo druto bege….

koriche pan, koriche snan, akkhayo kirane.

dharon par jhare nirjhar, mohon modhu shobha

phul pallab gito gandho sundaro barane.

bahe jiban rajonidin chiro nutan dhara

koruna tabo abishram janame marane.

sneho prem daya bhokti komol kare pran

kato santan karo barshan santap harane.

jagote tabo ki mahotsabh, bandan kare bisso

shri sampad bhumaspado nirbhoy sharone.


In the abode of joy and benevolence lies the beautiful truth

Your glory shines across the vast sky

The universe ornaments your feet.

Stars and planets, moon and the sun rush out ecstatically

To drink at, to wash under the pouring grace, infinitely

Unleashing founts upon the earth. The enchanting beauty all around

Receiving you with songs offering leafy, floral greetings – aromatic.

Life flows night and day, in ever-new streams

Bestowed by your tireless blessings in life, in death.

Hearts soften by affection, love, mercy and devotion

Wiping away the heat of distress, showering sympathy

In a grand festivity the world greets Thee

In prosperity, deep adoration and in complete submission.

Pratik Ghosh  2001